Frequently, folks ask us how do I pick the right chiropractor? Such a very important question. We believe relationship relationship relationship :-) so one great way which we feel is Read more
    The study of cancer and it’s causes goes back to the 1930s and some say even before. The researchers and the results of that research continually change depending on who Read more
    I’ve always wondered why the federal government compensates for vaccine injuries and deaths. Depending on the vaccine reaction to the child or the adult you could file with the national Read more
    Vaccines have an interesting history. We can go back to the Spanish flu in the 1920s all the way up to the first polio vaccine from Dr. Saulk and Dr. Read more
  • Top 5 TRUTHS about Covid “vaccines” Pharma NEVER mentions until they’re forced to
    In the pharma world, medications and vaccines are approved right and left, with very little regard to the safety and health of the unaware humans that are part of the Read more
  • A fourth characteristic of subluxation
    We have gone over spinal Kinesiopathology Neurppathophysiology and Myopathology. Today we will go over sickness of tissue called histopathology.Histopathology means the pathology of dying tissue. That could be the pancreas, Read more
  • Myopathology
    Myopathology is a labeling of what your muscles are expressing when you have a vertebral subluxation. This is number three in the characteristics of a subluxation. Your muscles can become Read more
    Chiropractic, chiropractor, neck pain, Asthma Sinusitis, Low Back Pain Read more
    We’re going to take a break from explaining the characteristics of the subluxation. In a Chiropractic office today the term frequently used is innate or inherent intelligence. So because it’s frequently Read more
    GINKGO FORTE :   There are many quality issues with ginkgo products and it is important to ensure that what you are using is phytoequivalent to the extracts used in clinical trials. Read more
    Another big medical term for a sports subluxation involves spinal Kinesiopathology . Spinal Kinesiopathology is a vertebra that loses its normal mobility and you are unable to turn comfortably or Read more
  • Characteristics of Misaligned Vertebra
    Another characteristic of a misaligned vertebra is Neuropathophysiology. This is a big word for a vertebra out of its normal position. We see this during the birth process and of Read more
    Subluxations are caused by macro stress or macro external forces. For example sports,  falls accidents and other traumatic injuries. Then you have micro stress stressors which are repeated movements that Read more
  • What is vertebral subluxation?
    What do chiropractors do? As I speak to many many many people that have came to our office over the last 37 years I do find that there is a Read more
  • What is Chiropractic?
    What is Chiropractic? With the advent of forced vaccination and pharmaceutical overload families are starving to find a different and new way to be in a healing and functional environment. Read more
  • Is Irene’s Hyperkyphosis Treatable?
    Read more

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  • "I was always very skeptical of Chiropractors until I had back pain which was beginning to get complicated. I came to this office and the education I received made me begin to rethink my opinion. The staff was pleasant, the Doctors were friendly and the cost was affordable. Not to mention that the Christian environment made me comfortable. I had 3 weeks of treatments and after 2 weeks my pain was 90% gone. I am grateful to God for the healing He have me through the skill that He gave his servants, Drs. John and Joseph. This office is really worth the try."
    Lynette Bruce
  • "I came in 2 weeks ago not being able to stand on my left leg due you extreme pain. After few days of treatment I was able to walk without assistance and pain. It is a miracle! I can stand on my own now! I came into office today without pain. I will continue my treatment. Highly recommended!"
    Joyce Carroll
  • "It has been a long time since I have been at Dr. John’s because I moved far away. But, during the years that I was under his treatments I recovered my health (a perfect C-curve for my neck!). My mother-in law, then 90 years old, recovered so much movement! God bless, Dr. John and his staff! He is always in my prayers!"
    Sheila Graziani
  • "What a blessing they are! I started 7 months ago, all hunched over, with shallow breathing, and low back and groin pain. The difference is amazing. I am standing up straighter, am able to deep, belly breathe, and my aches are almost all gone. Also I am more relaxed. Thank you Dr. John and Dr. Joe!"
    Irene Walther
  • "My husband and I have been going to Bellomo Family Chiropractic for several months now and the results of doing so are absolutely astounding! I came to my first appointment in a lot of pain and using a cane. Now, not only do I no longer require a cane, but I no longer live in pain which was in my back and knees. With the combination of attending their very informative classes, my weekly adjustments, doing a 21-day purification they recommended, and being a Christian based business, my whole physical quality of life has completely turned around. I am also 35 pounds lighter! I have not felt this good in over 10 years! Thank you Dr. John, Dr. Joe, and your awesome staff for your tremendous impact on my physical health!"
    Rhonda Furness

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