Study that marvelous organism, the human system, and the laws by which it is governed. Every law governing the human machinery is to be considered just as truly divine in origin , in character, and in importance as the Word of God. Every careless action, any abuse put upon the wonderful mechanism, by disregarding His specified laws of the human habitation, is a violation of God's law. This law embraces the treatment of the entire being. God has formed laws to govern every part of our constitutions, and these laws which He has placed in our being are divine , and for every transgression there is a fixed penalty, which sooner or later must be realized. It is just as much sin to violate the laws of our being as to break one of the Ten Commandments, for we cannot do either without breaking God's law. God's law is written by His own fingers upon every nerve , every muscle, every faculty which has been entrusted to them. God in His wisdom has establisehd natural laws for the proper control of our dress, our appetites, and our passion and He requires of us obedience in every particular. The transgression of physical law is transgression of God's law. Our Creator is Jesus Christ. He is the Author of our being . He is the author of our physical law as He is the Author of the moral law. Health, strenght , and happiness depend upon immutable laws, but these laws cannot be obeyed where there is no anxiety to become acquainted with them. God calls for reformers to stand in defense of the laws He has established to govern the human system, and to maintain an elevated standard in the training of the mind and culture of the heart. It is the duty of every person to become intelligent in regard to the disease and its causes. All our enjoyment or sufferring may be traced to obedience or trasgression of natural law.

The Ministry of Healing/The book of Health and Happiness 


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