Symptoms arise from the inability of the body to adapt to external invasive forces. A good nerve supply guarantees nothing more than the fact that the individual will be able to adapt a little better. But there are still limitations of the human body that come in to play, regardless of the presence of a nerve that is blocked (Subluxation). The world is an imperfect place, consequently, we are subjected to abnormal external invasive forces, stepping off a curb is a normal part of every day life it causes no symptoms, because the body is able to adapt. The body was designed to be resistant to micro organisms in a natural and normal amount. Being free of nerve interference will enable the body to live in this environment with these viruses, and never show symptoms. Having someone sneeze or cough in your face and subject your respiratory tract to billions of viruses, it’s not normal or natural. Even being free from subluxation, it may be more than the body can handle, which is called limitation of matter. In this case, symptoms will appear. Therefore, symptoms could occur because of an abnormal exposure to viruses, bacteria, toxins, poisons, emotional stress. Or because subluxation has weakened the individual to normal amounts in the environment. And of course there are other factors which also weekend our bodies, such as a genetic defect. The boy in the bubble syndrome, where the child’s immune system cannot even handle normal exposure to micro organisms, is an example. If the body were adapting perfectly to a perfect environment it would never have symptoms.  So, remember symptoms are blessings. Symptoms are God's way of telling us that our body is operating and it is God's way of telling us it’s time to start making very serious and vital changes! Be blessed today and  call Bellomo Family Chiropractic if you have any questions :-)


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