In 1882 the average, American ate 2 teaspoons of sugar per day. In 1870, the average Americans consumed 35 tsp of sugar per day. In 1990, the average was 42 tsp per day. Sugar is a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in various forms in all living things. Sugar is in its natural form, as found in the sugar cane or sugar beet, is combined with a large amount of fiber and also contains iron, potassium, calcium, B vitamins, etc. These nutrients are needed to digest sugar that is in the beet or cane. However, white sugar has been robbed of almost 100% of those nutrients. White sugar is so pure and refined that it is basically has nothing in it but empty calories. Concentrated pure sugar is a drug, unrelated to anything that occurs naturally and is very harmful to your body. According to John Yudkin, MD., Ph.D, professor of Nutrition at London University . " If only a small fraction of what is known about the effects of sugar was revealed in relation to any other food additive, that material would be promptly banned. It throws off the calcium-phosporus balance and distrups this entire, important phase of your body machinery. Because refined sugar has been robbed of the B vitamins that are necessary for its assimilation by the body, it latches on to these wherever it finds them-namely in your digestive tract, so that the person who eats refined sugar is bound to be short of Vit. B.  Results? Nervousness, skin troubles, digestive trouble, and a host of other disorders which lead to much more serious problems later on. The more sugar you eat the lower your body's resistance to disease becomes. To have good health we must have a strong immune system. Sugar lowers your immune system, making it weak instead of strong. In our body, we have white blood cells, which are called the warrior cells, that attack and destroy bacteria. When we eat refined sugar it causes our white blood cells to become sluggish, causing them to not be able to destroy as many bacteria. In a healthy body, where no refined sugar is eaten one white blood cell can destroy 14 bacteria. If a peron then eats 12 tsp of sugar ( a 12 oz bottle of soda has 10 tsp of sugar) one of the white blood cells will only be able to destroy 5.5 bacteria. If they eat 24 teaspoons if sugar ( a banana split has 25 tsps of sugar), one of their white blood cells will only be able to destroy 1 bacteria. This weakening effects on the white blood cells usually lasts for approximately 5 hours. To keep our body's immune system strong , we must leave sugar alone. Refined sugar drains out the mineral salts of the blood, bones and tissues. It causes obesity, diabetes low blood sugar, high blood pressure, duodenal ulcers, fatty livers, coronary and vascular disease, gout, dermatitis and cancer.


The average per person consumption of sugar in the US is almost 135lbs a year! Americans maybe thought as meat and potato eaters but the average per person consumption of red meat is only 111 pounds per year! 


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