The study of cancer and it’s causes goes back to the 1930s and some say even before. The researchers and the results of that research continually change depending on who you’re reading.
Some research has been focused on oncogenes and anti oncogenes.Antioncogenes
also known as Suppressor genes are involved in the negative regulation of normal growth . In the study of “ gene” research the loss of this gene and or their products leads to malignant cancer growth. If your lab results show the presence of Antioncogenes chances are you are going to be able to fight off malignant proliferation.  The spine controls the function of the central nervous system. When your central nervous system is functioning without interference your body Is able fight these cancer cells more effectively. A functioning nervous system is extremely positive when the body is oppressed.  By receiving the chiropractic adjustment you reduce mental neuron interference which boosts the ability of the body to regulate normal functional cellular replication.
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