I’ve always wondered why the federal government compensates for vaccine injuries and deaths. Depending on the vaccine reaction to the child or the adult you could file with the national vaccination injury compensation fund. This is a federal program that started because a United States senators grandchild had a reaction to the DPT shot back in the 1980s. Let’s look back at the polio vaccine experiments.
Dr. Salk  used a dead virus for polio Dr. sabin used a live virus for polio Vaccinations. The reason being that people that were injected with the live virus from Dr. sabin could contract polio from the vaccination. The research for Dr. Salk and the dead virus shows that it was rare that you can get polio from the dead virus polio vaccination from Dr. Salk.
Dr. Salk did not go into an agreement with the Pfizer pharmaceutical company however Dr. Saban did. Consequentially doctor Salk was never given the credit do and was never allowed into the elite status ofThe United
 States national Cancer Institute nor was he admitted into The national Institute of health known as NIH. Even the Weizzman Institute of science did not give Dr. Salk entrance into this pristege Institute.
At one point the virus will hit a peak and as most viruses do they come down off of the peak in a decline. Unfortunately it when they readministered the sabin vaccine there was another peek coincidentally.
I recommend the book DPT a shot in the dark by Barbara loe Fisher which will enlighten you to the pros and cons of vaccine. Also you can go on line and see the national vaccination information center to continue on with your research and decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate.
God bless you from Bellomo chiropractic in Orlando Florida we love you and appreciate you :-)

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