Vaccines have an interesting history. We can go back to the Spanish flu in the 1920s all the way up to the first polio vaccine from Dr. Saulk and Dr. Sabin. Dr. sabin used the live polio oral vaccine. Dr. salk use the dead vaccine that was injected.
The clinical trials started in 1954. Why the trials on children only? 1.3 million children just in the United States alone. In 1955 they'd  announced that the vaccine was safe and effective, unfortunately tragedy struck our nation. In the Midwest 200,000 Americans were injected with an extremely toxic and ineffective vaccine by Qatar laboratories in Berkeley California. 10 children were reported to have died directly because of the vaccine and over 200 children became paralyzed. Unfortunately, we really don’t know where the toxicity came from. It could’ve been from the actual polio virus that was isolated or it could’ve been with the chemistry that was used to preserve with the isolated virus that it was contained in. No one will ever know. However, this is just one instance that was documented that we should all be aware of.  May God bless you and your family. We love you and appreciate you. 



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