A fourth characteristic of subluxation

We have gone over spinal Kinesiopathology Neurppathophysiology and Myopathology. Today we will go over sickness of tissue called histopathology.
Histopathology means the pathology of dying tissue. That could be the pancreas, the heart, the lungs, the liver, the spleen, the ovaries, the prostate, the testicles and so on . With every tissue of an organ is failing you will have swelling, tenderness, painful spots, and other soft tissue changes. Internal organs may be affected as well. When one of the life force is disconnected due to the subluxation, the organs and glands start to decline through cellular replication failure, also known as death. Whether the thyroid, stomach, adrenal glands, liver, pancreas, heart, kidney or any other organ! The chemistry and chemicals from the organ cannot be secreted. So an example would be the thyroid cancer secretes thyroxine. So the medical System will recommend a chemical or drug to fill the void of the failing organ. With the chiropractor we do,  would be to check with the interferences and if possible reduce the subluxation to allow the expression of that mental impulse to instruct the thyroid gland to start secreting the chemical God designed to secrete. Hence preventing a life of pharmaceuticals and eventually surgery. We love you and appreciate your time. God bless you  


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