Characteristics of Misaligned Vertebra

Another characteristic of a misaligned vertebra is Neuropathophysiology. This is a big word for a vertebra out of its normal position. We see this during the birth process and of course we see this in athletics. This causes your nerves to be impinged, blocking the mental impulse of life resulting in all kinds of dis-ease. An outward manifestation may be tingling, numbness, pins and needles, pain and/or disfunctional tissue. An example of a disfunctionlal tissue could be a stomach ulcer, thyroid issues, blood pressure issues, high or low cholesterol, diabetes and more. You may have this neurophysiology characteristic and even have no symptoms at all. there are many diseases like cancer where nerves are involved but you don't feel pain until the very end.... and in some cases not at all. This is why when you find a hands-on chiropractor who checks the spine for subluxations you have found gold! Our next blog will be on the characteristics of mild pathology. Be blessed, love your familys and serve the Lord. 

Love you all, Dr. John

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