1. TOP DISEASE FACTS: Disease is a lack of ease, a departure from health, a loss of communication between you and your central nervous system caused by stress that sets you up for pain, weakness, sickness, disease and death.

2. TOP HEALTH FACTS: Along with certain basic essentials for life ( food water air and energy) your health is primarily controlled by the dynamic connection between you, your body and your brain in the central nervous system.

3. TOP HEALTH CARE FACTS: Health care today is basically either deciding to manage a crisis and treat symptoms after they have occured or deciding to develop and maintain a strong resistance to disease and injury always before a crisis occurs.

4. TOP FACTS ON SYMPTOMS: Even though symptoms are signs that may warn you there is a problem, treating symptoms (effects) alone does not develop health. The cause of health is not the absence of symptoms or dysfunction. It is the presence of life in the dynamic connection between you and your brain in the central nervous system.

5. TOP FACTS ON SUBLUXATION: Regardless of symptoms, Subluxation is an altered posture and motion of the body due to stress. It causes a loss of the dynamic connection between the body and the brain in the nervous system. It disturbs function, allows serious weakness and interference to health, healing, wholeness and immune resistance to disease.

6. TOP FACTS ON CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS: Chiropractic adjustments adjust you to a higher level of health and life, adjusting subluxations , restoring posture and mobility, allowing your nervous system to secure a higher level of connection and gives you a higher level of energy to resist and overcome pain, weakness, sickness and dis-ease.

7. TOP FACTS ON PRINCIPLED CHIROPRACTIC: Principled Chiropractic is about being whole, well, fully alive and free to live your life and make the choices you were created for as long as you desire. 

PRINCIPLES CHIROPRACTIC has nothing to do with treating symptoms or managing sickness.

PRINCIPLED CHIROPRACTIC is about taking care of your spine and your central nervous system: "your lifeline"

PRICIPLED CHIROPRACTIC restores alignment of your spine , removes nerve interference and allows for optimal nerve energy impulse transmission for life and health in your body.

PRINCIPLES CHIROPRACTIC: is about restoring life, the healthy " blue print patterning" of your central nervous system and replacing the "blue print for disease" from stress.

PRINCIPLES C HIROPRACTIC: is about being 100% alive to accomplish what you want and need to do with your life.

PRINCIPLES CHIROPRACTIC: is about allowing you to be connected totally in Spirit Mind and Body.

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