Stephenson defines poison as any substance introduced into or manufactured within the body which innate cannot use in metabolism. " We can see immediately that food, unsatisfactory substance and poison are really two, of a substance, usually ingested, which results in a violent reaction. The chiropractic understanding is somewhat different. The innate intelligence of the body is perfectly capable of ridding the body of most poisons. In fact, all poisons. The only problem that prevent it from doing so are the limitations of time and matter. Poison then fall into two categories: those taken into the body and those produced within the body itself. 

Considering poisons taken into the body , the fast food hamburger, maybe mostly poison, according to Stephenson's definition. We tend to worry about the hormones given the animal and the preservatives put into the bread, beef and condiments but anything the innate intelligence cannot store is a poison. However, the body is capable of ridding itself of most of it. That which is commonly called "roughage" would not be a poison. The body uses it in the metabolism inasmuch as digestion and elimination are two aspects of metabolism. Poison in the air can be taken into the body. Some may be absorbed through the skin. It should not need to be restated that although the innate intelligence of the body has the abiity to eliminate most poisons, this does not justify incorrect educated eating or living habits. I can recall some years ago, while attending the business meetings of a national organization, that one of the chiropractors in our group was a fairly heavy smoker. Everytime the group got in a car to go somewhere we made him extinguish his cigarette. Finally, we asked him why, as a chiropractor , he continued inhaling poison in his body. He was probably one of the most knowlegeable minds in chiropractic philosophy within the profession. His answer was that he saw the environment getting worse and that by subjecting his body to cigarette smoke he was enabling it to better adapt. He thought that years later his  body would be able to withstand the polluted atmosphere wheras we "pinklungers" would not. His argument was humurous but invalid. We do not have to teach our body to adapt by exposing it to harmful substances. It will learn to adapt naturally, given a natural environment and a good nerve supply. One final point must be made under the category of poisons taken into the body. Medicine is a poison. Whether it is needed , life saving , or worthless , medicine is a poison. A substance such as insulin , however, would be a food. It is a substance which the body is lacking and is necessary for metabolism. That insulin which the body can use is a food . That which is in excess of the body's needs (and only the innate intelligence can determine the body's needs) is a poison which the innate intelligence must eliminate.

The second category of poisons is those produced within the body. Those substances that are by-products of metabolism which the body can no longer use are poisons. They must be eliminated by the innate intellegence of the body. Substances that are produced in excess of body's needs or find their way to places they do not belong because the body is not functioning properly would fit into this category. Many times the body is able to eliminate them , especially those that are the result of metabolic function.

Chiropractic Philosophy by Joseph B. Strauss, D.C. F.C.S.C.


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