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We all know that Life is a cereal, and a board game–but did you know that it’s also a university? Education is no game, though, to the folks at Life University–one of the nation’s leading institutions for health science education, and chiropractic education in particular.

Founded in 1974 and located in Marietta, Georgia, Life University is the Alma Mater of such popular physicians as John Bellomo, an Orlando-based chiropractor and well-known expert on health and nutrition who is no stranger to TV and radio. Life’s programs and educational perspective have been nationally acclaimed since the university’s inception, heralded for their innovation and commitment to excellence.
Indeed, Life University is the only highly selective chiropractic education facility in Georgia, which explains how it produces high-caliber doctors like John Bellomo. The university’s programs are many and diverse, and each one is well-respected within the medical community; they include biology, bio psychology, business administration, computer information management, dietetics, life coaching, nutrition, psychology, sport health science and healthcare continuing education.

The promise of Life University is perhaps best summarized in its statement of mission, in which Life pledges “to empower each student with the education, skills and values needed for career success and life fulfillment based on a vitalistic philosophy.”

It is no surprise that Life has yielded doctors like John Bellomo, who takes a holistic and vitalistic view on healthcare services and general health. John Bellomo runs a beloved practice in Orlando, Florida–the Bellomo Family Chiropractic Life Center–where he advises patients not only in strictly chiropractic matters but also in general fitness, nutrition, and exercise. In fact, John Bellomo is a dedicated student of nutrition, and a lifelong advocate of exercise–something that’s clear to see from his own athletic endeavors, to say nothing of his work as a soccer coach.
John Bellomo stands as a living, walking example of the fullness of the Life University promise–to “produce leaders who exemplify humanistic values and, in a world where change is constant, provide innovative approaches to direct that change to elevate society and evolve its health care system.”

Life University was founded in 1974 and had an initial class of some 22 students. Today, the university continues to pursue excellence in health education. It exists on a beautiful campus, with such facilities as a gym, a stadium, and a running track, and is dedicated to producing physicians who seek zealously after the improvement of human health.

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  • "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
    -Thomas A. Edison

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